About Mia’s Makeup Consultations

The Basics


The What: A personalised one-to-one hour long video call for you to ask anything you like about makeup.

How Much: £25-£75  (You choose based on what’s reasonable for you, no questions asked)

Where: Over Zoom 

When: I’m available to book start times between 5PM to 11:30PM.

The days I offer sessions on are Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

How to Book: E-mail me with your preferred date and times, and we’ll find something that’s ideal for us both



“What will I get?”

A solid hour (with a little extra time built in for running over if we’re in the middle of anything) to ask any makeup related questions whatsoever, including personalised recommendations for starting from scratch.

We can talk about what products you’re already using (if any!) and what I’d recommend sticking with and swapping out based on your budget and skin type, I can also demonstrate the best way to apply different products, carefully show you how to create your dream eyeshadow look, go over how to contour in a simple and easy way, recommend where to start with skincare, or just answer of a series of quickfire questions that you want a personalised answer to.

As a bonus, you’ll also get a Google Doc of notes based on what we talked about, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it all in your head, or making any notes as we go. Just relax and all the information will be recorded and formatted for you.


“Why book a makeup session with you?”

Because I get it. I didn’t start playing with makeup until I was in my late-twenties. Starting makeup from scratch is overwhelming! I used to feel embarrassed that I was a grown ass adult and didn’t know which foundation to buy and how to do eyeliner without it looking like a heart rate monitor. 

You will never be judged for not knowing how to do something and every piece of information will be explained in a manner that’s straightforward and based on both my experience and my research (you get to learn from my trial and error failures!). 

As a queer woman I also know what it’s like to feel that makeup can fulfil lots of different roles. It can be a playground, a safety blanket, a tool of self-expression etc. Sometimes it’s not just makeup.

My makeup sessions are like fun video calls with a friend, we’ll laugh together, share little stories, and leave with a smile.


“I don’t know how much to pay!!”

Don’t worry too much about it. 

If you’re paying any amount between £25 and 65 then you can’t pay the wrong amount. But for what it’s worth, the £25 starting fee is intended for people who don’t have a lot of disposable income but want to get started, or maybe focus on learning how to do something very specific. 

Meanwhile, £65 is for those who can spend that amount of money without worrying how they’re going to balance it out.


“…I still don’t know how much to pay”

Well the average amount people pay is £45. But truly I want people to pay what they believe is fair for them.


“What if I’m really shy?”

That’s okay! If you need to turn your camera off at any point, or you’d rather type while I speak, that’s totally fine. It’s your hour and we’ll do it in whatever way you want.

As someone who grew up with anxiety I know what it’s like to panic and feel stressed over little things, and even over talking to someone over the internet. You won’t have to pretend with me. I get it.


“Can you teach me to use makeup to “pass” as female?”

Short answer: Yeah, sure.

Long Answer: Yeah, but if you’re a trans woman then I think that can be a dangerous reason to get into makeup, which I say as somebody who absolutely first got into makeup for exactly that reason. 

Complicated personal reasons and safety concerns can mean we see makeup as a tool to help us blend in. That’s entirely valid. But as somebody who has experienced a lot of body image issues and gender dysphoria over my life, I now use makeup just to create a look that makes me happy as an expression of my personality and fashion. I find that a more helpful and healthy perspective to approach makeup with.

If you’re a trans woman and you want to use makeup to “pass”, that’s absolutely fine, but please remember that you’re already indisputably female. If somebody doesn’t believe you it’s on them to fix their mistake, not you.