How To Hire Me To Talk At Your Event

Examples of Events I Offer:

Queer Awareness Training

Positive Trans Sensitivity Teaching 

Pride Month Keynote Talks

Seminars on How to Make Your Business Queer Inclusive

How to Support Trans Students

Transgender Q&A – Ask Anything in a Safe Environment


My Fee: Flexible based on budget

How: Over Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Video.

(I’m not currently offering in-person events due to COVID-19, other than for special circumstances)

When: I’m fully flexible, and can accommodate any time zone.

How to Book: E-mail me with the details, early idea, or proposed focus of your event, and together we can discuss options.

Why Choose Me?


I’ve worked with a great deal of organisations, both big and small, local and international, in providing talks and training. 

For instance, I’ve ran seminars for colleges, publishers, libraries, charities, shops, and even game development studios and more.

The reason people choose me is not just that I’m a confident and experienced public speaker, but because of the fun and positive approach I take in my work. I use my talks to entertain and celebrate queerness, as well as educate. I’m a huge believer that positivity and humour are vital when delivering LGBTQIA+ content, especially to an audience that may not be as well informed about the community.

It is very important to me that everybody walks away from an event of mine feeling optimistic and good about what we’ve talked about. This isn’t just to give attendees a positive experience, but to help attendees leave knowing they can make small and easy changes in their life to create a more queer accommodating environment, and that they can do so with joy. In my experience that inspires more impactful change and allows people to calmly dismantle the muddy climate of misinformation and fear that is currently being pushed in the media.