This is a pre-written response article to the next inevitable piece of transphobia in the British media. Please modify the specifics as appropriate based on whatever today’s brand of transphobia was, and feel free to refer back here with each new instance of transphobic drivel.

As a trans person and vocal member of the community, I heartily condemn today’s transphobia in/on [insert title of British media].

Being transgender is difficult, we are a marginalised community which deserves respect/privacy/support. The government under [insert Prime Minister’s name] has done little to protect us or listen to our needs and we often have to fend for ourselves. We are a community that harms nobody, with the single goal of living our lives in peace. Yet an article/video/program/movie/play/poem was released today that needlessly attacked us and contained arguments that were incredibly offensive/incorrect/bizarre, and do not reflect reality/common-sense.

Once again, misinformation/lies/personal information has been printed/broadcast/spoken with no thought to context/privacy/relevance. In actuality trans people face unprecedented harassment/medical-negligence/difficulties/abandonment. This was something entirely ignored in today’s piece, and a fact consistently snubbed by the British media at large, to continue their narrative of demonising trans people as selfish/dangerous/inauthentic/confused/deceptive.

Despite what was said today, it doesn’t change the fact that trans women are women/trans men are men/non-binary identities are valid/trans children need help [use all if appropriate]. Trans people are people, not concepts/statistics/boogeymen/deluded/an inappropriate use of funds. We deserve respect and deserve to be treated as people who need help, and who possess agency/knowledge/humanity.

The media have a responsibility to report on trans people with care/accuracy and despite the fact it is [insert year] this still doesn’t happen. This is especially disappointing considering the well documented statistics about the trans community, for instance [insert the latest depressing statistic on mental health]. Meanwhile [insert newest uplifting statistic on post-transition happiness].

As a community we are upset/tired/outraged/bored about how often we need to keep having this conversation and defend ourselves. The media’s outlandish obsession with trans people/trans children is baseless and dehumanising. We look forward to the day when we don’t have to start every week expecting a sensational attack on us filled with lies/hate/stolen photos.


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