Welcome to my new blog!

First things first, why did I re-launch it? Well, my last couple blogs were quite messy, they didn’t have much identity and would flip-flop in topic and tone, which in turn dissuaded me from updating them. Instead I put a lot of energy into Twitter threads, and secretly working on longterm projects.

But I always knew what I really wanted to blog about: self-love, positivity, and personal growth. That’s what I’m passionate about. Those are the things that have been invaluable to improving my mental health. They’ve helped me become the person I am right now, somebody I really like!

Over the years people have repeatedly told me that my upbeat attitude and resilience has been helpful for them. So it’s my hope that by focusing a new blog around this topic, I can continue to help people out.

I still intend to talk about queer issues too, even if they’re not the main focus. I’m a bisexual trans woman and being queer is an important part of my identity. It’s something I wear proudly on my sleeve and it intersects with practically every aspect of my life.

It’s worth me mentioning at this point that I just wrote an entire book revolving around the fact that I’m trans. Yes, You Are Trans Enough: My Transition From Self-Loathing to Self Love, is a combination of memoir and exploration of trans issues. It’s written in my usual laid back tone, with humour injected in here and there. It’s everything I wanted to say about my own life, my transition, and trans issues, all in an entertaining and educational package. So if you’re looking to hear me chat just about queer issues, that’s a good place to look!

Also, I’m happy to announce that all Patreon content will now be accessible through this website. That means if you are a supporter of mine on Patreon, you don’t have to go to Patreon to see new content, you just have to log in here instead to read the exclusive locked content alongside the regular posts.

Finally, I also want to mention that I’ve beefed out the About section of the site too, and thrown in one specifically for my books (plural rather than singular because reasons). I also pulled across a handful of older posts that I thought kinda sorta fit with this new tone, or near enough anyway, just so the blog wasn’t completely empty to begin with. Most of the posts I left behind though, as they were too inconsistent.

I want to use this new site as more of a hub for my content and somewhere to get a glimpse at what I’m up to, rather than just a dumping ground for all miscellaneous bits of writing.

That’s the plan anyway. We’ll see what happens, but I’m feeling optimistic that if nothing else this is going to be fun.


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